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Youth and Young Adults

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 2023 is Rotary’s leadership training programme for young people and is designed for young adults who want to develop their leadership ability and who express a commitment to community service.


This live-in experience enables participants to develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship by discovering their potential and developing the skills needed to be a leader in their community, career, and everyday life. The program is run at the Rotary District level; Clubs select, nominate and sponsor young men and women (who have left school) between the ages of 18 to 25 inclusive.


The RYLA mission is…

“To provide an effective training experience that will enable selected young leaders to fulfill their potential and better serve their community, country and place of work”.


The Participants in the 2019 Rotary Youth Leadership Award Programme that was held at College House, Waimairi Road in January, 2019

If you are interested in applying or know somebody that could be suitable please contact us here.

RYLA 2023 Objectives

  • To demonstrate Rotary’s respect and concern for young people and to expose them to the Rotary model of service to the community

  • To bring together young people aged 18-25 from varied backgrounds who aspire to leadership and who will benefit from the programme of seminars, discussions, activities and interactions during the 6-day course

  • To provide information, instructions and experiences on a wide range of subjects of interest and benefit to the participants, utilizing appropriate industry and community leaders and experts as presenters

  • To equip, instruct and encourage promising young people from differing backgrounds to better serve their communities

  • To encourage leadership of young people by young people

  • To recognize young people who are providing service to their communities

  • To provide participants with a stimulating and fun experience they will not forget and that will benefit them well into the future!

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