Nelson West hosts exchange students

We enjoyed a visit from the current group of Rotary Youth Exchange who are staying with clubs in our district this year. Of the eight students, two are being hosted by Rotary clubs in Nelson, one in Blenheim, and the remaining five in Christchurch. Here is a little bit that they shared about themselves.

Laura negotiates the rocky single track

Laura negotiates the rocky single track

P1000476-001Alyssa is from Bordeaux in France, she enjoys sports and language.

Desiree is from Munich in Germany, she enjoys handball and skiing.

Emil is from Denmark, he decided to do the exchange to make international friends and to learn English with a kiwi accent.

Francisco is from Chile, he speaks Spanish. He is familiar with farming and mountains and earthquakes.

Isabella is from Brazil, and her English has improved tremendously in the 9 months here. She is looking forward to the South Island tour.

Jonas is from Austria, which is quarter the size of NZ but twice the population, famous for apple strudel and schnitzel. He enjoys basketball.

Laura is from Switzerland. She enjoys ballet and dance, skiing and snowboarding and has lots of pets at home. (Laura is being hosted by Nelson West.)

Thibaut is from Belgium. He is studying languages (French, Dutch, Greek, Latin, English) and enjoys basketball and piano.

These students are a great group. Our host families and clubs really enjoy getting to know them during their year with us. Let us know if you’d like to host an exchange student for 2 or 3 months, or if your son or daughter might be interested in going overseas on an exchange (suggested age is 17 or 18 years old).

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